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Nimmo to quit her job at Leonard Street and Deinard. Guerin was a chemistry major during her junior year of college planning to go to medical school. Guerin said. Guerin to Michigan Law School where she graduated to later practice bankruptcy, environmental, and immigration law. When you work for a law firm, your clients are there because they want you to save them money. Representing a side that did not align with her morals pushed Ms.

Guerin to pursue another career. Guerin was accepted for the Paul Douglas Scholarship which paid for her schooling to become a teacher. However, Ms. Guerin had a unique transition that differed from the other teachers. Since he was a kid, Mr. Dalki was inspired by his uncle who was a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago and his mom, a legal administrator.

Following in their footsteps, Mr.

Dalki graduated from DePaul Law School and worked as an attorney focused on insurance, product liability, environmental insurance, and commercial transactions. Dalki said. This meant 60 to 70 hour work weeks that took away time with his family. Dalki decided to change careers after meeting with a marketing executive who became a teacher. All three of these former lawyers are happy with their transitions from lawyer to teacher.

A Happy Life: From Courtroom to Classroom By Sidney B. Silverman

Their past careers in law allow them to apply a different perspective and knowledge to the subjects they teach, that without their past law careers would not be possible. Although not all the teachers miss practicing law, they all agree it helps them be better teachers. Matt is excited for his second year on Zephyrus as a Page Editor.

He is looking forward to further developing his journalistic skills. National Merit program propels seniors up to success. Student Government at EHS. French internship provides opportunity for growth.

Serving their community: Eagle Scouts fly. Grill Club remains a fun retreat for seniors.

How to have a voice in the Election. Club fundraising rule offers differing opinions. Junior takes part in high level music programs. All aboard Ms. If you are facing a challenge, a metaphor might help you see the big picture and give you strength; for example, someone going through cancer treatment may view the journey as climbing a mountain. Metaphors can also provide a picture that helps others enter your world.

It's true that a picture is often worth a thousand words, but a word picture a metaphor can sometimes do the same. Finally, a negative metaphor may help you see that you haven't been living your life the way you wish, and might just be the stimulus you need to make changes right now. Metaphors for life are not always obvious. We may have to stand back a long way to see patterns like this in our lives.

by Sidney B. Silverman

Metaphors can be positive or negative. Because the way we look at life—which is often much easier to understand with a word picture metaphor —can have a great impact on how our lives unravel, it's worthwhile thinking about which metaphors below fit the life you are living today. These are just examples and not every metaphor will resonate with every individual. Take a moment to think of other metaphors that may describe your life or serve you better. If you see a garden as a metaphor for your life, you may see that relationships with family and friends can be cultivated like flowers or vegetables.

Relationships, like flowers, need regular watering. They need sunshine. Sometimes they need to be pruned. Sometimes you need to weed the garden eliminate toxic friends. You may see a battle as a metaphor for your life if everything is a competition or a struggle.

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In a battle, you are always either winning or losing. If a battle represents your life, you may wish to look at how life isn't always about winning or losing. Relationships, especially, are not always a competition. Sometimes it is better to be loving than to be right or win. Viewing your life as a mission can be either positive or negative.

You may feel that you have talents and gifts you wish to share widely. On the other hand, in believing that you have the truth, you might feel that you need to convince others that your point-of-view is right. Just as with missions throughout history, your life can be a platform to bring goodness to the world, or instead, impose your beliefs on those who do not wish to hear them. A journey is a common metaphor for life as it reminds us that the destination is not our only goal.

Like with any form of a journey, there are times when the roads are straight life is on an even keel and times when they are winding. There are ups and downs and potholes along the way. And there are often wonderful surprises and fun discoveries that you would never have experienced if it wasn't for the route you chose. An adventure can also be a beautiful metaphor for life. We don't always know where we are going, but the thrill of our travels day to day living leaves us excited and ready to see new things.

A building is a solid metaphor for life and can be a reminder that a sturdy foundation is needed before building higher.

New courtroom used for literary mock trial

Once you have a firm foundation in place, whatever that means to you, it's easier to confidently add floors and rooms which will stand the test of time and weather. A roller coaster can be a metaphor for life in general, or instead, describe the speed bumps we all encounter. For example, people with cancer know all too well the roller coaster effect of a challenging diagnosis. Using the metaphor of a roller coaster also illustrates what many people who have had hardships understand so well.

You don't fully experience the high points of your journey without the contrast of the lows. As recent proof of this theory, studies are now finding that being diagnosed with cancer changes people in positive ways as well as introducing challenges. The metaphor of a stained-glass window illustrates not just the variety of lights and colors which make up our world, but the beauty in every person and situation.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude by taking the time to see what isn't obvious at a quick glance can be illustrated by this metaphor. Climbing a mountain is a great metaphor for many parts of our lives. It can describe our education or the steps we take in climbing the corporate ladder.

Life often consists of hierarchies. This metaphor also illustrates that it often takes hard work, determination, and sometimes sheer endurance to get where we wish to go. Most mountains paths are not directly uphill, but take us down through valleys to get to the next peak. Emotional resilience allows you to follow the trail as it descends before it turns the corner and heads back up again.

A race can be both a positive and negative metaphor for life. In the biblical sense of the metaphor, we are called to run the face of life not only for the prize. A race can also be a negative metaphor as in the "rat race" of our lives, describing how sometimes we are so busy going from one place to another that we never really stop to enjoy any particular moment.

Spring 2018

In yet another negative sense, a race can describe the practice of always finding the fastest route, or needing to keep up with the proverbial Joneses. If you view life as a courtroom, life can be challenging. In a courtroom, everything in life should be fair. Real-life, however, is not always fair. Good people die young and criminals go free.