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The Intriguing Story Behind the Golden Arches of McDonald’s

When Mal, Zoe , and Jayne rob the train between Hancock and Paradiso, Sheriff Bourne questions Mal and Zoe, who are pretending to be newlyweds, coming to Paradiso to find work in the mines. Bourne realizes there is something questionable about their story, but when Inara arrives claiming Mal as her escaped indentured servant, he thinks that is the problem. Later, as Mal was preparing to return the stolen medicine to Paradiso, Bourne and a posse tracked him down.

However, he accepts that Mal has done the right thing by bringing the medicine back, and lets the crew go free.

Sheriff Bourne is played by Gregg Henry. Rance Burgess , played by Fredric Lehne in " Heart of Gold ", is a rancher who runs afoul of the crew of Serenity when he decides to wage war against a brothel run by Nandi, a former Companion and friend of Inara Serra. According to Nandi, Burgess was the richest man on the planet, and kept everyone else poor so he could play at being "a cowboy in his own gorram theme park". Malcolm Reynolds and his crew lay out the defense of the Heart of Gold and defend the brothel when Burgess and his men attack to try and take the son he begat on one of the prostitutes, Petaline.

Burgess loses the battle, attempts to escape, is captured by Mal, and is executed by Petaline herself. See Saffron.

Caron , played by Sarah Paulson in the film Serenity , was a member of the rescue team that investigated the strange happenings on Miranda. Her recording of the event, noting the Alliance's inadvertent creation of what would become the Reavers , is pivotal in the film's climax. She, along with the rest of her team, is killed by the Reavers after their ship crashed.

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Lawrence Dobson , played by Carlos Jacott , appears in the series pilot episode, Serenity. He is an undercover Alliance agent in pursuit of Simon and River Tam. When he suspects to have found Simon on the planet Persephone , he joins him and the Shepherd Derrial Book as a passenger on board Serenity. Soon after leaving the planet he attempts to contact the Alliance to report his discovery. Wash detects this transmission and is able to scramble it. Wash informs Mal that someone has betrayed them.

Believing Simon to be the traitor, Mal strikes him, only to realise Dobson is the spy when he is seen pointing a gun at Simon. During a moment of panic, Dobson shoots Kaylee and is knocked out by Book. He is locked up for a while, and when interrogated by Jayne , he attempts to bribe Jayne for his freedom.

By the time the ship arrives at the moon Whitefall , Dobson has escaped his quarters, assaulted Shepherd Book and attempted again, unsuccessfully, to contact the Alliance. He reveals a more sadistic side of himself as he beats Book unnecessarily in a fit of anger having already knocked Book unconscious. Up to this point, Book had been protecting him, mainly from Jayne.

Dobson then finds River and tries to leave the ship while holding her at gunpoint. Malcolm Reynolds, returning from his mission, sizes up the situation and without hesitation shoots Dobson in the head. Mal and Jayne then toss him from the ship, leaving him for dead. Joss Whedon intended for Dobson to survive the shooting and return for vengeance. Obsessed with seeking revenge on Reynolds, Dobson joins the "Blue Gloves" in the search to find Serenity , its captain and the Tam siblings.

When the two finally meet again, Mal shoots the former agent first in his good eye , and kills him for good. However, before he leaves, Mal shoots Dobson again, "just to make sure".

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In the pilot Firefly episode called " Serenity ", Lawrence Dobson's initial clumsiness and common appearance contrasts him to the viewer and the other characters with the more suspicious-looking Simon Tam, to conceal Dobson's role as villain on the ship. This is an effect shared by other Joss Whedon characters portrayed by Jacott, where he also switches from seeming innocent, clumsy, and unimportant to being someone with more malicious intentions. Jubal Early is a bounty hunter who appears in the final episode " Objects in Space ".

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Early, played by Richard Brooks , boards Serenity with the intention to kidnap River Tam in return for a bounty. Early is athletic and is clearly adept at unarmed combat. He is also intelligent and eccentric, given to rambling on philosophic matters in the middle of tense situations. She also sensed that his mother was relieved to see him leave home, as she sensed a darkness in him. He also threatened to rape Kaylee if she did not do as he told her, and used the same threat of raping Kaylee when he dealt with Simon. At the end of "Objects in Space", Mal leaves him floating through space.

Early has the distinction of uttering the last lines in the Firefly television series as he floats through space: "Well In an interview, Joss Whedon stated that Early definitely survived the encounter, and that he "loves that character". Fanty and Mingo are twin brothers who appear in the Serenity comic as well as the film.

They are seen as fences for goods acquired by Mal Reynolds and the crew of Serenity.

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Although identical twins, Mal is able to tell the two of them apart he claims "Fanty's prettier". Their full names are Mingojerry and Fantastic Rample. The novelization states that they were named at birth by their mother—Mingojerry as a mis-remembered Mungojerrie from Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. Eliot , and Fantastic for what she said when she realized that she was carrying twins, meaning she had to give birth again. They are portrayed in the film by twin brothers Yan and Rafael Feldman.

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The " Blue Gloves " are a pair of mysterious men, portrayed by Dennis Cockrum and Jeff Ricketts, who wear suits and what appear to be blue gloves. In the comic book miniseries Serenity: Those Left Behind , the blue "gloves" are shown to extend to and cover the upper body as well. Jayne can be seen wearing a Blue Sun T-shirt throughout the episode " Bushwhacked ", as well as in the episode " Ariel " when River slashes him across the logo, saying he "looks better in red". They will not hesitate to kill anyone who has had contact with River, even Alliance personnel, using a handheld device that induces fatal hemorrhaging to anyone near it except themselves.

The pair are never officially named in either Firefly or Serenity. The scripts refer to them as "Blue Gloves". In Serenity: Those Left Behind , the duo are referred to as "independent contractors", and are killed when Serenity ' s thrust incinerates their ship.

The Alliance then passes the assignment to retrieve the Tams to the Operative.

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Sir Warwick Harrow , played by Larry Drake in " Shindig ", is a nobleman on Persephone who owns some "property" that he needs moved off-planet. After he refuses to deal with Badger, Badger sends Malcolm Reynolds to talk to him. Harrow then serves as Reynolds' second when Reynolds inadvertently challenges Atherton Wing to a duel after Atherton insulted Inara. The manner in which Reynolds handles himself in the time leading up to and during the duel convinces Harrow of Mal's character and he decides to trust him with his "property", finally revealed to be a herd of cattle.


Stitch Hessian was a former comrade of Jayne Cobb. The pair carried off a heist on Higgins' Moon, but when their craft was hit by anti-aircraft fire while escaping, Jayne pushed Stitch overboard. Stitch claims that he would never have done that to Jayne. Stitch was captured by Boss Higgins's men and put into solitary confinement for four years until he is released by Higgins when the crew of Serenity land on Higgins' Moon in " Jaynestown ". He then confronts and tries to kill Jayne in revenge, revealing the truth about the heist to the people of Higgins' Moon, who believe Jayne had dropped the money out of benevolent rather than selfish motives.

He tries to shoot and kill Jayne, but an unidentified hero-worshipping boy of Higgins' Moon leaps in front of Jayne and takes the shotgun blast, giving Jayne an opening to throw a knife into Stitch's chest. The two fight and Jayne smashes his head into the plinth of his statue, killing him. He is portrayed by Kevin Gage. Fess Higgins is the formerly- virgin son of the magistrate of Higgins' Moon.

Inara talks Fess through some of his insecurities with his father and makes him look upon himself as his own man. As a result, Fess is able to stand up to his father when Boss Higgins tries to stop Serenity from leaving Higgins Moon with Jayne Cobb on board at the end of " Jaynestown ". Fess Higgins is portrayed by Zachary Kranzler. Magistrate Higgins is the final word of law on Higgins' Moon, a small moon that has a primary export of mud used to make ceramics.

Higgins is a man who looks out only for himself.