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They also can provide new opportunities for women and rural entrepreneurs to improve their market access and financial inclusion. However, many developing destinations have limited knowledge on how to take advantage of digital platforms and mitigate risks. Either constrained by the lack of understanding or knowhow and resources, these economies are not able to leverage digital tools to grow their tourism.

Responding to the global call to promote innovations in tourism through technology, the World Bank Group, will host a day-long event just prior to WTD focusing on Digital Platforms and the Future of Tourism. Who We Are News. This page in: EN dropdown. Email Print.

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Tweet Share Share LinkedIn. For the sake of determining the direction of the touristic activities, the resources of the destinations and the tourist profile have to be well known. Sustainability has to be a mindset, basic understanding and business philosophy in order to create a sustainable sphere. This general view of economic sustainability is closely related with destination management. This management represents a tourism strategy which deals with the destination with aiming a long enduring improvement.

Strategic Destination Management Organizations. Destination management organization DMO is the outcome of an aim to have a high market share within the worldwide tourism. Destination Marketing Organizations DMOs has three responsibilities; first of all it encourages groups to hold meetings, conventions, and trade shows in the city or area it represents. Secondly, it assists those groups with their meetings and meeting preparations.

Last but not least it encourages tourists to visit and enjoy historical, cultural, and recreational opportunities that the destination offers Fenich DMOs success is not directly affected from mediatic sources. DMOs are working for increasing the flow of tourists to their specific destination. Tourism is a competitive area, it needs a fruitful management. Their target is promoting a sustainable destination competition; sustainability plays a role in their aim.

DMOs must conduct a visitor-demand study.

Destination Development

The purpose of their trip, length of stay and touristic activities should be observed. The reason of touristic visits, the preferable places for the tourists and the resources of the destination are identified. A SWOT analysis will be a helpful tool for strategic decisions. Being a sustainable and an eco-friendly community and the image of that community are subjects of DMOs.

Developing and implementing destination marketing plan will involve making researches about the destination resources, identifying visitor segments, determining responsibilities and tourism economy and hiring an expert to make market research. Sustainable development is the most prominent discourse that aims at reconciling economic development with the rising needs of environmental protection Mori, There are at least four ways to interpret tourism in the context of sustainable development: a sectoral view-point such as economic sustainability of tourism; an ecological viewpoint emphasizing the need for ecologically sustainable tourism; a viewpoint of the long-term viability of tourism, recognizing the competitiveness of destinations; and a viewpoint accepting tourism as part of a strategy for sustainable development throughout the physical and human environments Coccossis, For those interpretations of tourism, a SWOT analysis will be a helpful study tool.

The study is to reveal the success story of Turkey on the basis of secondary data. As a part of the strategic planning to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats before constitute a formulation of a strategy Roth and Washburn, In this study I aim to develop strategies for Turkey which has rapid improvement as a tourism destination. SWOT Analysis. According to the Global Destination Index, Istanbul ranks as the sixth most popular destination in the world and became European Capital of Culture in It is highly possible for a place like Istanbul to have scattered attraction places.

Each of these destinations has to be evaluated separately. In short, destination places are needed to be organized economically according to their touristic activity and capacity. Table 1. Growth rate of general tourism industry in Turkey, which is usually the double of the annual global figures.

Logistically speaking easy accessible country.

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International price competitiveness. Convenient accessibility within the country through the international transportation network. Numerous natural resources and existence of cultural, natural, historical, archaeological, religious and commercial attractions. Growing level of sustainable tourism awareness within the country. Positive consumer perception of country in travel market.

Potential for growth and differentiation of sustainable tourism. Increasing sustainable tourism investments and developments throughout the country. Countries improved image among organizations and associations in international arena as a result of string of successful events e. Greater affordability and value for money compared with its competitors.

Local efforts that promote the country in the world market. Table 2.


Insufficient budget for promoting and marketing Turkey as a sustainable destination. Excessive bureaucracy and red tape implemented by many Turkish organizations.

Human Capacity Development in Emerging Tourism Destinations (PATA Webinar)

Insufficient crisis management, disaster mitigation plans. Shortage of skilled human resources specific to sustainable DMO. Negative images of Turkey in the media link to negative events. Inadequate application of sustainable tourism management principles. Low price for tourism packages and services, leading to an image as a cheap destination Bulu, Lack of creative and tailor-made strategies for Turkey. Lack of coordination, communication among different sub-sectors. Environmental degradation and pollution affecting natural resources.

Table 3. Growth in global sustainable destination management and the demand for its services. Expansion of sustainable destination management in the world market.

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Statistics and researchers that indicate the demand for leisure travel services are likely to remain stable despite turbulent economies and global crisis Yesawich, Especially if you are planning with social responsibilities in mind. Expanding economic relations between Turkey and other countries as result of countries greater integration into the global economy.

Growing international demands for trips to Turkey. Global financial crisis which affects businesses to cut down travel costs. More sophisticated customer expectations e. Over dependence on technology leading to the demolish sustainable services. Increasing supply of sustainable SDM around the world. Increases in more competitive offers with lower price, driving prices down.

Growing regional competition in SDM.


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Environmental degradation, pollution, their effects on tourist attractions. Ongoing political clashes and wars in the bordering regions and political instability in Turkey.

A new generation of tourism strategies

Increases in natural and man-caused disaster ranging from earthquakes, tsunamis, potential pandemics of infectious diseases e. Table 5. These indicators are available to relevant tourism stakeholders through TravelBI , a free and open data platform provided by Turismo de Portugal.