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Think of someone you admire and imagine how they would handle the thoughts you are having. Then visualize yourself acting in the same way. Unhealthy relationships can lead to negative thoughts and stressful states. Nourishing positive relationships will enrich your life, filling your mind with more positive thoughts and memories. Everything starts with the first step.

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Hypnosis is a proven therapy that enables your subconscious thoughts to influence your unconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings. Hypnotherapy can improve and resolve issues in your life and free your mind of worries and concerns.

10 Confessions of a Full Time Blogger

Do these more often! Engaging in a pastime you enjoy helps to promote a more mindful and meditative state of mind. To let go of regrets, you could write a letter to yourself or make a list and then burn or throw it into a stream as a ritual of letting the regrets go. Move your body and let go of what you think you look like! This is guaranteed to alter your mood and free your mind. Try something new; maybe a new hobby or even a new meal choice. Mix things up and get out of your usual way of doing things. What are you attached to?

Guilt is a strong emotion that can become overwhelming and all-consuming. Look at addressing what you feel guilty about, and see how you can either resolve the issues you feel guilty about, or how you can be more compassionate towards yourself. Being grateful allows you to live in the present and see the blessings in front of you right now.

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Reading about people and events that inspire you can help put your thoughts into a different context. When you spend time with positive and like-minded people, you spend more of your time in the moment instead of over-thinking or analyzing yourself. Learning helps you to expand your mind, which can help you achieve a more enlightened and informed point of view.

You are affirming all the time by the way you think and talk. Using positive affirmations helps you to make better choices and see things from a different and more positive perspective. Reading, listening, and discussing opinions different from your own can open your mind and help you to see life from different perspectives.

This can be particularly freeing if you are stuck in thinking about certain things in a particular way. Featured photo credit: Sage Friedman via unsplash. Communication Advertising. MikePierre Read full profile. As the world of blogging has evolved, so have I, and if I look back over the years, which I do from time to time, I find myself with a few regrets. I personally don't see regrets as negative things, they are aspects within our lives that we learn from and more often than not they form us as a person.

With 3 YouTube Videos a week, blog posts a week and daily posts on Instagram I really don't find myself slacking at this point in time but over the years I have gone through periods where the blog has taken a back seat. Now I think this would be fair if the back seat was to other important life things but it wasn't, it was just down to being lazy and I don't even mean taking time for myself. When I first started I did an outfit every single day on my blog, this was just a single snap on a compact camera inside my apartment, it wasn't fancy but it was the start.

There was no writing, just the outfit and outfit details, but people liked it. I guess it was a quick fashion fix and before the likes of Pinterest and Instagram were born I was providing inspiration in one single image. As the years rolled on, the blog developed and it became more and more work; shooting multiple images, editing images now taken on a DSLR , finding outside locations to shoot in horrific during winter , coming up with outfits constantly, the list goes on.

I might sound like I'm moaning and I probably have moaned a lot over the last 10 years but I think that's only natural when your job revolves around, well, yourself how much 'me' can I take? Maybe my inspiration was running dry, maybe I was just bored, I don't know but I started to slack. Posts dropped to 4 a week, 3 a week, 2 a week, 1 a week This can happen in blogging as some of you will know, sometimes you just lose your mojo but my biggest regret is not constantly giving it my all. Baring in mind I started at the same time as now-super bloggers like Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song still a fave of mine and a lovely human being , Kristina Bazan, Andy Torres and so many other incredible women who clearly ceased their moments and worked damned hard to make something happen.

I made excuses for myself that many of these bloggers started when they were in college and so they had the free time to invest into their blogs but I can't help thinking maybe they were just more determined that I was, more hard working throughout. Don't get me wrong, I have definitely worked hard to get where I am, and I'm not for one second ungrateful, but the Leo in me wishes I had done more at times. Funnily enough this point kind of links to the last so be patient with me here. I'm not here to comment on how other bloggers work and conduct their businesses as I think there are many different types of blogger out there and not everyone should be the same nor does everyone have the same circumstances.

Ok disclaimer out the way, selling out, oh yes I have done this. I'm confident to say that I haven't done anything I would deem as 'selling out' over the last 3 years, in fact the opposite has now become part of the ethos behind my own brand and business, but I have definitely committed some hideous crimes of advertising in the past.

I'm not going to reel off everything but one particular opportunity I was given sticks in my mind.

It was about 5 years ago and I was offered an Instagram collaboration with a large car brand. If I remember correctly one post had to have the car in it, and the other post was up to me.

They had a photo booth, job done. Blogging blog notes , confessions of a newbie blogger. But I'm getting better at it because it's something I truly love to do! Really, why? What I wanted to say is that I don't want to write just about one topic like beauty, cooking, etc. I had a previous blog that was more beauty related but I thought it only reflected a small part of me so I didn't want to feel restricted to just that topic.

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But yes, I might have found a niche! Everything seems way more interesting that doing school work haha 5 insert huge smile Thank you! I'm always looking at things and thinking, wow that'd make a great photograph. Or sometimes I do nothing and the only way to get myself out of bed is, "I need to do something cool enough to blog about" hahah. And actually, I don't really. I wish those people would tell me if they read it and what they thought about it though! What I'm a little more self-conscious and embarrassed about is people in real life reading my comments on other blogs, or even in reply to comments on my own blog.

7 Confessions of a Blogger

Especially when bombarded by school work. Aww, your comment made my day Hebe, so don't be sorry for your ramblings! It's not like I'm terrified of people I know finding out about my blog but I'm still not ready to be the person telling them, if you know what I mean. And I totally agree with what you're saying.

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I know that not everyone will understand or even like my blog but that's life and I can't control things like that. I have to convince myself that it's okay, that it doesn't matter what people think if I'm doing something I love to do and I'm doing the best that I can. Yes, it can be hard to show our personality through a computer screen or through writing because each person interprets in its own way and we can't avoid that. But I guess that if we are true to ourselves people will eventually get to know the real person behind a blog, or at least the part that each one of us decide to share.

And I think you're doing a good job showing your personality.