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After World War II, Koopman subscribed to each literary publication that appeared in a deluxe edition. There were however a few blind spots, such as certain surrealist authors, the post-war artists' book, and work by certain printers such as Bernouard. These gaps in the collection have since been rectified by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands, although there still remain certain desiderata.

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From to , for more than a quarter of a century, Romanist Han van Berkel was responsible for the collection's expansion as curator. He maintained contacts with antiquarian book dealers in every corner of France, and his purchases included new editions from Fata Morgana and Kickshaws.

In the late s, the entire collection was catalogued, and in the collection was made public with the exhibition In liefde verzameld 'Collected in love'. When Van Berkel left the Koninklijke Bibliotheek,he had purchased a quarter of the current collection. Since around , first editions of literary texts often appeared in a deluxe edition, printed on special paper, sometimes in an unusual size and individually numbered.

But this edition could again be divided into sub-editions on various kinds of paper in increasingly large editions, for instance 2 with Roman numerals on Empirical Japanese paper, 6 with Arabic numerals on Chinese paper and 35 on Dutch paper, 10 of which were 'hors commerce', intended for the publisher, author and artist. Any bibliophile would want only that edition; the Koopman Collection includes hundreds of them.

Koopman stayed in touch with the authors and, to a lesser extent, with the artists represented in his collection: he wrote to them, they wrote dedications in his copies, and he visited them in Paris or received them in his native city of Amsterdam. He brought letters and photographs of the authors from antiquarian book dealers, and also manuscripts and galleys of stories and poems, for which he had half-leather bindings made. Besides theses manuscripts, the collection also contains a number of archival pieces and photobooks, mostly pertaining to Anny Antoine. Treasures include a thirteenth-century vellum manuscript of Justinian's Institutes cum glossa Francisci Accursii; the beautifully illustrated Grand Coutumier de Normandie ; a ca.

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Grand Coutumier de Normandie An illustration of early customary law, this miniature depicts a bailiff and several knights visiting a sickroom, probably to verify that the defendant is too ill to appear in court. The early documentation of European cooking begins with the Library's mid-fifteenth-century Italian manuscript "Libro de arte coquinaria" of Maestro Martino and is also well illustrated by the Dutch wood-block book Hier beginnt eenen nyeuwen coock boeck. The Library's collection of incunabula--the largest in the Western Hemisphere-- includes examples from approximately two- thirds of about 1, known European presses of the fifteenth century, in-depth representations of every aspect of fifteenth- century printing, and books of outstanding importance in extraordinary condition.

Sowing the First Seeds: The Origin of the Garden Library Rare Book Collection

Here we can only skim the surface of the remarkable riches of the Library's treasures from this era. Dutch Bible Amsterdam, This Bible, the first to include a map, has over hand-colored illustrations by Romeyn de Hooghe, perhaps the most significant Dutch book illustrator of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Folio no.

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Rare Book and Special Collections Division In , the Library acquired another extremely rare example of fifteenth-century printing, a pamphlet commissioned by King John II of Portugal and presented by the leading Latinist of the Portuguese court, Vasco Fernandes-- Velasci Ferdinandi vtriusique iuris consulti illustrissimi regis Portugallie oratoris ad Innocentium. The first printed account of the Portuguese discoveries, it is an obedience oration presented to the new pope, Innocent VIII, that announces to the pontiff the inauguration of the European age of discovery.

The Library's ,,st item, the priceless pamphlet was acquired through a gift from John E. Velde, Jr. A Boare, a Mastiff, a Thistle , an engraving by Wenceslaus Hollar, a seventeenth-century Czech artist who emigrated from Bohemia, lived in Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Cologne, and London, and achieved an international reputation as a copper-engraver and miniature painter.

Also in the collection are early works by Martin Luther and the rare edition of Patriarch Nikon's Kormchaia kniga, a compilation of Orthodox doctrines and practices which was instrumental in creating the Old Believer schism in the Russian Orthodox Church. Ostrih Bible , title page. One of the greatest monuments of sixteenth-century Ukrainian culture, this Bible has become the common heritage of all Christian East Slavs.

Rare Book and Special Collections Division Rare collections of European literature and history focused on individual cultures defined by language include the Accademia della Crusca Collection, containing Italian publications ranging from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, the sources from which this academy wrote its authoritative dictionary of the Italian language; the Raymond Toinet Collection, especially strong in seventeenth-century French literature; and the Francis Longe Collection of theatrical works printed in English from to The Portuguese Manuscript Collection includes materials from to the early twentieth century relating to various aspects of Portuguese history, society, literature, religion, and culture.

Several collections focus on individual European writers. One of the world's major Cervantes collections, given to the Library by Leonard Kebler, illustrates Spain's golden age and includes treasures such as the second state of the first edition of Don Quixote Madrid: Juan de la Cuesta, , identified only in this century. The George Fabyan collection, focused on cryptography, includes valuable material related to the Shakespeare-Bacon controversy.

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Traditionally sung by choirs of men and boys in churches, or by women and men of religious orders in their chapels, the Gregorian Chant is the central tradition of Western plainchant, plainsong or chant used in the liturgies of Western Christendom. These volumes will greatly benefit the research conducted by faculty and students in the Divinity School as well as students and faculty as well as other scholars of musicology, religion and religious musical traditions.

This new title from Routledge's Major Works series, assembles in six volumes foundational and canonical pieces, together with cutting-edge research. With a full index and a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, Historical Linguistics places the materials collected in this volume within its intellectual context.

The collection will be particularly useful as an essential database allowing scattered material to be easily located. It will also be welcomed as a crucial tool permitting rapid access to less familiar—and sometimes overlooked—texts. It is an important one-stop research and pedagogic resource.

The Koopman Collection in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Corpus linguistics is a research approach used to investigate the patterns of language use empirically, based on analysis of large collections of natural texts. This four-volume collection is organized around linguistic research questions that can be investigated from a corpus perspective and includes, amongst others, studies of individual words, comparisons of supposedly synonymous words, studies of grammatical variation, and sociolinguistic studies of dialects, registers, styles, and world varieties.

Corpus-based analysis has also proven to be important for the study of historical change. If, as we are told, "Dying is part of life," this collection of essays by experts seeks to understand the important process of death from a variety of disciplinary as well as clinical perspectives. Ranging from philosophy, history, sociology, psychology economics, medicine, ethics and more, this collection of essays by experts reviews and evaluates the current knowledge we have about dying.

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