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"La fiera vida by Ángela Hernández Núñez" by Silda Cordoliani | Latin American Literature Today

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  • Sign up to leave a comment and share your thoughts with other listeners. It's FREE! Create an account with your email. Close Hi Your comment is being published. I guess it all depends on where the speaker is from as well What had the person done before this was said? Well, as I said we say " un fiera" to address a man if we want to convey the meaning that we have explained.

    Download e-book Linda y la fiera (Spanish Edition)

    But if you address a man by saying " una fiera" you are referring to a wild animal. That would make more sense in this case, I guess. In english.. I think this phrase means.. Did you tell someone that you are a..

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    • Do you know that you are gross? I don't agree with Valpaso. However, I don't know which animal would be the equivalent for fiera in English. The second sentence means that you're rude, clumsy, poorly educated, tactless.

      source url I'd say: "Has anyone told you that you're an animal? Do you know how rude you are? Metzaka Senior Member Oz.

      Once again, context makes all the diference. If we want to call someone a 'wild animal rude, dumb, and what not ' we say 'eres una bestia' once again we use una regardless of gender.

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      Un a fiera, siempre lleva la a. In English you can say "you are a tiger". This is complimentary. But to say "you are an animal" is usually meant as an insult. If "fiera" is used to a friend, as in "Hasta la vista, fiera" what is the meaning? Literally "animal" but in a joking way? Hiro Sasaki Banned Osaka, Japn.