Manual La patente di Luigi Pirandello (Italian Edition)

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La patente

Baseball cap judge: But what defamation if in all the town, from more than two years, everybody say she's a jinx! D'Andrea: And a lot of witnesses can come in the courthouse and swear that in a lot of situations she made the other understand she knows this voice and rose up singing You know she's awfully tone-deaf Train judge: How blame Mayor's son and his cow as slanderers only because they did, when she passed by, exactly what the others do?

The judge goes away with Mum; the head of a pale guy of about 16 years, dressed in black and with the face hidden by his hair, sticks out of the door. D'Andrea: Don't you know that your aunt brought an action against Mayor's son and his cow, Milka? The nephew goes out; D'Andrea sighs and stares at the manta ray.

La patente di Luigi Pirandello

Someone knocks the door. Mum: at the door, really scared Oh, darling She's there Mum rolls over and goes away quickly; Rosaria Chiarchiaro comes in. She's got heavy glasses, black and dirt clothes, combats, a scratched bowler hat and a cane for old ones and walks as a zombie. D'Andrea: Nice costume! But today isn't Carnival, right?

Chiarchiaro: impassive No, it isn't Carnival today. I'm here with my jinx clothes. Here, sit here! Chiarchiaro: sits on the other chair, begins monkeying with the cane and waves the head So you don't understand nothing! D'Andrea: Stop it, Chiarchiaro! Don't make me angry, or I'll say to the tiger to eat you! Chiarchiaro: sighs Dear judge, I'm over a barrel in a dead-end street.

La patente by Luigi Pirandello

The evil eye is my only hope! D'Andrea: How not? In that proceeding you blame that two ones as slanderers- because they believe you're a jinx; and now you come to me so, dressed as a jinx, and you pretend I believe in your evil eye!? D'Andrea: Uh Who knows It could be true But please explain me what I don't understand!

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Chiarchiaro: Of course, I'll do it immediately. Chiarchiaro : And do you know that I — me, Rosaria Chiarchiaro — I went to the lawyer TheMouth and gave him all the proofs of the fact: not only the proofs that I noticed that from more than two years everybody, when I passed by, rolled off, but also all the proofs — unique testimoniances, do you know? U-ni-que proofs of all the creepy facts that made all believe I'm a jinx?

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D'Andrea: You!? You went to the defense attorney and gave proofs against yourself!? Chiarchiaro: More confused!? Aw, you don't understand anything: chocolate destroyed your tiny brain! D'Andrea: But excuse me Why did you do it? To make their absolution easier? So why did you bring an action against them!?

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  • Chiarchiaro: This question is the proof you don't understand anything, dear judge! I brought that action because I want the official recognition of my power. Do you still don't understand? I want my terrible power, that now is my only wealth, is officially recognized, mister judge! Chiarchiaro: What will I do!? How, what will I do!? You, dear moron, hadn't you got to get an extent to practice this work — also if you practice it so bad? D'Andrea: Of course not: I just bought it on E-bay Chiarchiaro: What will I earn!?

    Now I'll explain it to you, my dear dimwit. It will be enough I'll go there.

    go site There won't be need to say anything. The master and the players will pay me for make me go away! I'll hover around all the factories as a fly; I'll go in front this small shop, now in front of this other. Is there a jewelry store? Chiarchiaro: Oh, jewels, bread or what hell is there! Do you understand now?

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    It will be a kind of tax I'll require! Chiarchiaro: Of ignorance!? Of the chocolate that you love! Because I overstocked so much hate against all this sucking humanity, dear judge, that now I believe I got so many power here, in these eyes, that I could destroy entire cocoa plantations with a look! Suddenly, the aquarium of the manta ray falls from the desk and breaks in many pieces. Chiarchiaro: laughs It was me!

    And as that animal died, you'll die too! Chiarchiaro: Oh, do you really want it? You'll have to give me some money, if you want I go away! Mum: wavering I I haven't got money now, but Would you like some chocolate?

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    • Chiarchiaro runs away terrified. Mum goes back to D'Andrea and continue to comfort him. Mum: Stop it, darling We'll remedy I'll take you another little manta ray, ok? Look, I took you another chocolate Parody of Pirandello's ''La Patente'' the License. Nov 22, 12 min read. See More by LeoLeonis Jun 17, If you have 40 minutes and can bear with the story of children who were abused in horrible ways but manage to get justice, watch this! A Guide to Undertale AUs old. Jan 3, Overall, the play has a utopian flare, and its story is staged in a Sicily filled with a fantastic atmosphere.

      In so doing, Pirandello encouraged the notion that the play was a drama rather than a comedy, for here the comedic elements serve to decontextualize the drama and somewhat undermine the naturalistic and regional elements of the tale. Indeed, in the preface to the Italian edition of the play, Pirandello warns the reader of the relevance of dialect for the purpose of achieving artistic freedom.

      The Girgenti Agrigento dialect is also the language of Pensaci, Giacomino! Martoglio attempted repeatedly to involve his friend in the renewal and renascence of a theatrical repertoire that had been defined for all too long by patriotic and social texts of the nineteenth century. The source of the play is a short story bearing the same title and published for the first time in the Corriere della Sera on 23 February ; it tells of an aged junior-high-school teacher, Agostino Toti, who decides to marry a girl, Lillina. She is in love with a young man, Giacomina Delisi, and is expecting his baby.

      By marrying Lillina, Professor Toti decides to build his own peculiar family, which would include Giacomino and would constitute an alternative to the existing and accepted social order. He does so somewhat to secure for the young couple the money of his pension upon his death and thus to take his own personal revenge on a government and an entire society that hardly recognize the work he has done for decades.

      The structure of the play follows the module of the typical Catanese theatrical piece; the first act stages the prefatory events of the short story , taking place in the ginnasio, the junior-high school of a typical Sicilian small town. The second act opens upon the situation presented in the beginning of the story. The author wrote the play in roughly two weeks, from 25 February to 10 March , and on 10 July the play was staged at the Teatro Nazionale in Rome.

      Soon after, it opened throughout Italy with a final performance in Milan. The text was never printed in its original bilingual form, but Pirandello published an Italian version of it in the journal Noi e il mondo in the May June issue of Until Pensaci, Giacomino! With this play the Sicilian author began to develop a close dialogue with the stage, with actors and acting, and thus with the director.

      He worked on it from March to April of On 3 April , in a letter to his son Stefano, then a war prisoner in Mauthausen, Pirandello maintained that he had just completed a work that was more a parable than a play. He stated then that the idea came from a dream in which he envisioned a dreadfully abysmal dead-end courtyard. Frola and Mr. Ponza, Her Son-in-Law , written the same year and included in the collection Una giornata.