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An amazing sight. Travelling to Antarctica in December meant we could take advantage of long summer days, spending our evenings soaking up the scenery and watching for wildlife. One night after dinner it was decided we could do a late shore landing on Paulet Island.

This would have been an amazing experience at any time of the day, but squeezing in this extra landing after dinner and then sailing back to the ship under a glowing pink sky just made it all the more special. Take a look at our collection of midnight-sun inspired holidays here. For help in planning your summer escape, send us an online enquiry or speak to one of our Travel Specialists today.

We use cookies to provide the best experience on this website. Learn more or continue to use the site if you're happy with this. Home Blog What is travelling to see the midnight sun like? What is travelling to see the midnight sun like? Thursday, 26th June Destination Specialist. You can avoid the crowds… Travelling in Iceland under the midnight sun is, in my opinion, one of the best times to explore the country.


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Bruno Kaufmann — Scandinavia Travel Specialist. Amy Snow — Nordic Sales Manager.

Thora Ingvarsdottir — Iceland Travel Specialist. Liz Lunnon — Head of Worldwide Product. Insider tips for travelling under the midnight sun Sleeping When you go to visit the midnight sun, you will need to realise that sleep will be affected. When you go to bed at 1a. However, the sun being up for 24 hours combats the lack of sleep, and you can actually feel perfectly refreshed from 4 hours sleep.

Opening Hours Restaurants and bars will be open later than usual, with the locals not eating until pm at the earliest. As Norway in particular is notoriously expensive, if you would like an evening out, do not head out until 10pm.

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This will give you a chance to experience the midnight sun, while enjoying a stunning dinner the food in Norway is second to none. Kerri Chandler [US]. G [UK]. Bill Patrick [US]. Birnir [IS]. Boy Pablo [NO]. Captain Syrup [IS]. Carla Rose [IS].

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