Manual Simple Embroidery and Simple Embroidery Design - A Two Volume How-To Guide for Beginners

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Hand embroidery is mainly a cottage industry requiring a lot of hand labor. In commercial machine embroidery you work with highly efficient embroidery machines — but it can vary a great deal according to the embroidery machine — its complexity, functions etc. A home based embroidery business will have different set of embroidery machines than a commercial set up with their own dedicated space, workers etc. The commercial embroidery involves specialized embroidery machines that are designed to work with data from a computer.

This data instructs the machine to stitch a particular design, determines the correct stitching order, indicates when to trim threads, and many other functions. The computer transfers the instructions necessary for stitching the design to the embroidery machine. You place the appropriate thread on the machine and sets it up for the stitching and arranges the item to be embroidered on the machine. The machine will stitch the design as efficiently as it can. Even without the multi-head commercial embroidery machines there are many people who make a living from their homes doing embroidery.

They work with their embroidery sewing machines and build on the good will and word of mouth publicity in their locality and carve a name and living for themselves as professional embroiderers. Anyone and everyone. You an market to anyone who is looking for uniqueness, or you can market to people who want to be part of a group or you can market to companies who want to build up a brand awareness.

10 Best Embroidery Sewing Machines for 2018

Embroidery is done on uniforms for store employees, schools, team wear for sports teams in schools, club wear for different club members , gift items, wedding decor. Shoes, hat brims, napkin corners wedding favors, kitchen towels, hoodies, beach towels, bags, tablecloths, gloves, skirts, pants, jackets, quilts and bedsheets, pillows, toys, baby clothes and other items in the baby layette, uniforms for schools, colleges, team sports, corporate offices..

Baby clothes and accessories are embroidered and they are very popular with new moms. Their bibs, nightgowns, blankets all can be embroidered. T shirts are embroidered usually on collars, cuffs, sleeves.

Beginners Only Please! Machine Embroidery The Easy Way - Sew Daily

You can checkout this post on the different locations for embroidery placements. Embroidery blanks, like t-shirts, caps, placket shirts, visors etc. Work area with enough space for embroidery machines and seating for operators.


Power supply for the machines. Quality threads, needles, backing, and all the other items needed for work. Other Stitching supplies like machine oil and scissors. Safe clean space to store the finished products — you may need locked cabinets to keep the client property safe.

10 Best Embroidery Sewing Machines for 2018

Plastic bags to deliver the product to customers. Stock Embroidery designs o r A place for digitizing the designs you will embroider if you want to give customers custom designs. Either you can buy the software for digitizing and do it yourself, or hire someone do the digitizing for you. Computer for digitizing if you decide to do it yourself.

You also need to get training to deal with questions like how to operate your machines efficiently and optimally, the best backing to use, best thread to use, how to deal with some of the common problems that happen when operating embroidery machines. Embroidery pricing depends mostly on what your clients can afford and on the design complexity. If you live in a city the pricing will be different from a small town. You should study the competitors in your area to evaluate their price and product so that you can charge competitively. Usually prices are based on a per-thousand stitch rate, which is multiplied by the number of pieces. You can charge a fixed fee for every thousand stitches. This pricing should include all the expenses incurred by you including space time and material. This is how the commercial businesses price.

That is effectively you will be doubling all your cost. Or You can fix a hourly charge and be upfront about how much time it will take to complete a work. At times you may charge by the number of designs instead of by the size of your design. The factors that are important in pricing are.

Special effects in the work needed by the client will have to charged extra. Standard industry placements will be charged less than special placements. What a cool and simple way to upgrade a simple rug! Love it!

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That rug is too cool. I love all the embroidery. Hi Amanda.

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The shoes are by Seychelles. You can actually buy them on Amazon and they come in several colors.

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  6. Thanks Cat!! Though we did restyle it a little bit to make it just right for the rug. I love this post!! Love this idea! What an awesome way to add some pops of color, texture and all around personality to a plain rug! I love finding ways to add a little quirkiness to a normally basic thing! DIY clay wind chimes from Design Sponge 3.

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    Thanks for this…excellent DIY project. Thanks Michelle. Thanks Courtney. What brand are those shoes! I love this!!!