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Not by the elegance of its shops, nor by its exquisite cuisine. It was by the magical soul of Paris that I knew I wanted to capture in my book. This is the arrondissement of Paris where much of The Betrayal takes place, and parts of it have changed very little since the s. I wanted to experience its authentic atmosphere. It will be invaluable, I told myself. Big mistake! The hotel and its plumbing felt positively medieval. And the first evening I was there it lost all electricity for nearly 24 hours, which made using the windowless bathroom something of a challenge.

But it had a strange effect on me. As I groped around my room in the darkness, listening to the thumps and bumps of the water-pipes, nervous of odd smells and looming shapes, I was suddenly gripped by an awareness of how my character Romy must have felt in her stifling attic with no electricity. Disorientated and vulnerable. Isolated and cut off. Acutely conscious of the rest of the city enjoying its life without her. And I has a strong sense of the moral darkness that enveloped her as she stood there alone.

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For me that was a significant experience in Paris that had a powerful effect on the writing of my story. What is your most memorable moment from researching The Betrayal? My most memorable moment was learning how to pilot a s biplane, a gorgeous bright yellow one. You see, one of the main characters in The Betrayal is a female pilot, who ferries planes from Paris down into the danger zone of the Spanish Civil War. I made this decision because it fitted in with the story I wanted to write but I knew it was crazy.

What do I know about flying an open cockpit plane? I think Is that right?

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Or is there a steering wheel? Okay, okay, I knew zilch. So, being one for primary source research, what could be more primary than to fly in one myself. My husband is big into this stuff, so he steered me towards the Imperial War Museum airfield at Duxford in Cambridgeshire where the history of aviation is on display in a gobsmackingly awesome display of aircraft spanning the ages. Suffice to say I lived to tell the tale and loved every hair-raising, twisting, looping, ecstatic moment of it. Open cockpit biplane. The first page did a good job of luring me in but was that enough to keep me interested?

I don't know. This story revolves around Mandy and her controlling abusive husband by the name of John who was a book all of his own. As I continued to read the author did a very good job of manipulating the story by saying this I mean this story was all over the place but in a good way just when I thought it was gonna go this way it went that way and the ending was totally not expected which leads me to bel The first page did a good job of luring me in but was that enough to keep me interested?

As I continued to read the author did a very good job of manipulating the story by saying this I mean this story was all over the place but in a good way just when I thought it was gonna go this way it went that way and the ending was totally not expected which leads me to believe their will be a part 2 in the future. My favorite character in this book would have to be John the abusive husband the way the author portrayed him and his demeanor had me feeling all types of emotions first I wanted to hurt him then I kind of felt sorry for him like maybe he had mental problems yes, the type of emotions every reader wants to feel when reading a good book so I give kudos to the author for giving me that experience.

When the author contacted me about a possible review I told her like I tell all authors If your book is HOT it will only take me days to finish it and if it's not then days the author responded you'll be finish with mine in a day and I guess she was right I was on the edge of my seat reading this book. The story was good the plot was even better and the characters blew me away I would give it a 4 2 Would I recommend this book to my readers? Yes it is worth the read 3 Would I buy any other books from this author based off this one?

Yes I would Feb 18, Brittney Green rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-can-loan. The Breaking Point was a very good story. I loved the ending, and can't wait to see what happens next! I would have been proud of this purchase!! I loved that with this story I didn't know the race of the characters until much later. I did not know if the characters were black, white, or Asian.. I thought that the author did a great job doing that.

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Mandy is a well known interior designer th The Breaking Point was a very good story. Mandy is a well known interior designer that did a good job of making it on her own, but she was at the point where she was ready for love. She met John, a married him after six months of knowing him! She didn't know that it was going to be the worst decision of her life John is on a power hunger streak!

Mandy is weak, but finally reaches her breaking point when finds out that secret! Leaving John was a split decision, but John doesn't let anyone go that easily! Dec 31, Don S rated it it was amazing. We couldn't put it down! John Moore is a complicated, sick individual I recommend this book for both men and women. Can't wait to read the sequel!

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Feb 13, Rebecca Benton rated it it was amazing. I received an advanced copy of Bella Jai Frances' new book, and I enjoyed reading it. I was totally surprised by the twists and turns! This is a new african american author, and I am looking forward to reading the next book. Dec 12, Barbara rated it really liked it Shelves: book-shelf. The Breaking Point to be a good fast read.

I loved the ending,. Feb 15, Melinda Jones rated it really liked it. The author, Bella Frances, did a good job weaving together multiple characters in this story.

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This is a good read for a bookclub. The American soldiers could only watch from their sandbag-lined walls. Orders from Washington were simple: Hands off. Let the Kurds fight for themselves. But the Syrian Democratic Forces, or S.

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American Special Forces and other troops had built close ties with their Kurdish allies, living on the same dusty compounds, sharing meals and common dangers. They fought side by side, and helped evacuate Kurdish dead and wounded from the battlefield. Joseph L. The Kurdish forces and American military have survived previous strains, including Mr. This time may be different, and irreversible. As part of security measures the United States brokered to tamp down tensions with Turkish troops, Kurdish forces agreed to pull back from the border, destroy fortifications and return some heavy weapons — steps meant to show that they posed no threat to Turkish territory, but that later made them more vulnerable when Turkey launched its offensive.

Special Forces officers described another recent operation with Kurds that underscored the tenacity of the group.

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The Americans and the Kurdish troops were searching for a low-level Islamic State leader in northern Syria. It was a difficult mission and unlikely they would find the commander. From his operations center, one American officer watched the Kurds work alongside the Americans on the ground in an almost indistinguishable symmetry.