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How does this short poem set the scene for the novel to come? Why do you think Fitzgerald would open The Great Gatsby with a fictional epigraph, rather than a real quote or poem? Compare East Egg and West Egg. What kinds of people settle on each side of the bay? Why would a couple like the Buchanans reside in East Egg, and men like Nick and Gatsby on the other side?

How does the division between these two villages compare to differences between the American East and West? Discuss the role of honesty in The Great Gatsby.

All That Jazz

Which characters pride themselves on telling the truth? How does duplicity affect the relationship between Nick and Jordan, and the marriage of Tom and Daisy? What falsehoods has Gatsby relied upon to advance in society? How is each party enlivened by booze, romance, and chaos?

The Great Gatsby

How are the guests at each party similar, and how are they different? Consider the role of gossip in the novel. Why does public opinion have such a strong hold over the characters in the novel? How does this chapter serve as a turning point in the novel? Compare James Gatz to the man he became: Jay Gatsby. How did he make his transition to Gatsby? What elements from his past did he retain, even as he left his identity behind? Eyes are a prominent feature throughout the novel — T.

What is the significance of this theme of surveillance? Who is being watched throughout the novel?

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Why is he so eager to go back to life before he went to war, when he was a young officer in love with Daisy? What has Gatsby lost and gained since those days in Louisville? Why does she turn back to Tom, instead of choosing a life with Gatsby? Discuss how class and affects the romances in the novel. Would Daisy be just as alluring without her status? Would Gatsby or Tom be attractive without their fortunes?

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Why or why not? Consider the setting of the novel: Long Island. Can you imagine this story within another time or place? Do you consider The Great Gatsby timeless, or do you think its characters and themes are deeply rooted in the postwar prosperity of the Roaring Twenties?

Consider the symbol of the green light.

What dreams and hopes does the light stand for? If this was your first time reading The Great Gatsby, discuss what you knew about this American classic before you began reading, and how it met or defied your expectations. Do you understand it differently today than you did in the past? Enhance Your Book Club 1. Come to your book club meeting dressed like your favorite Great Gatsby character! Does the prose have a different impact when read aloud? See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Scott Fitzgerald. Overview The Great Gatsby , F. About the Author. Date of Birth: September 24, Date of Death: December 21, Place of Birth: St. Paul, Minnesota. Education: Princeton University. Show More.

Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction F. Reading Group Guide This Scribner reading group guide for The Great Gatsby includes an introduction, discussion questions, and ideas for enhancing your book club. Average Review. Write a Review. The Great Gatsby 4. Artazen More than 1 year ago Want to buy. Will not. And we can't use our discount card for what reason. We want to be loyal customers.

Please inspire us to do so. If you did not know, we want quality nookbooks and apps at fair prices. If you are a fellow nook owner and see an example of nookbook price abuse, add a comment to your review. Or not. The book centers around the mysterious character of Gatsby, and, as you turn the pages, his history unravels before your eyes, as well as the narrator's--Nick.

The Great Gatsby (1974)

Nick is an "average" guy whom we feel we can trust--because he follows his father's advice and does not immediately judge or so he says. The book will make you yearn for a love you know is impossible, cringe with embarrassment at a shameful past, blush at the awkwardness encountered on nearly every page, laugh and cry at the dramatic irony, and have you researching the Charleston the dance, not the city--this is set in the s, after all!

It may not be considered a typical love story, but the electricity between Daisy and Gatsby is too strong to deny and it always has me wondering what will happen though I know. Read for irony, read for lessons, read to be taken back to another time--no, another dimension in which the music never dies and the party is perpetual.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago Too expensive! I was planning to buy, but I will look for a hard copy. If you want happy nook owners, dont overcharge for classics! This "Jazz Age" featured the prodigious house parties that the prohibition era was known for. But none of the parties thrown could match the lavishness of the festivities at the Gatsby residence on West Egg, Long Island, especially if you were viewing them from the house of his neighbor Nick Carraway.

The Great Gatsby: Book Summary | CliffsNotes

Nick, being a 29 year old bondsman from Minnesota, would have not expected to be around such a lively atmosphere in the first place and could not be prepared in the very least for the summer that was ahead of him while living next to the Gatsby estate. His summer that year nudged him in the directions of such themes as materialism, adultery, murder and life. Through this time, Nick finds himself telling the story of his events on Long Island that summer and how he progressed through a rite of passage which can also connect to the timeless self-discoveries gone through by all readers throughout their lives.