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Luhan had this to say about Natalie Barney and Pauline Tarn Ren6e Vivien : "They were said to turn night into day, burning fires to strange gods, with art to account for all. Brief mention of Natalie Barney. Martin Du Gard, Maurice. Martin-Mamy, Eugene. Les Nouveaux Paiens. Paris: Sansot, Mellow, James R. New York: Praeger, Inaccurately describes Natalie Barney as a "wealthy , American widow. Millay, Edna St.

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Edited by Ross Macdougall. New York: Harper, Mizener, Arthur.

The Saddest Sfcorv. A Biography of Ford Madox Ford. New York: World,. Relates Ford's efforts to keep the financially troubled Transantl antic Review in print. Natalie Barney was a primary contributer to this endeavor. Montera, Pierre.

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Edited by Emilio Mariano. Milan: II Saggiatore, Morand, Paul. Paris: Gallimard, Discussion of the contributions of Natalie Barney and Ren6e Vivien to lesbian feminist culture. Describes activities and life of Natalie Barney through an interview with her housekeeper of forty-five years. Painter, George D. A Biography, Vol. Admiring mention of Natalie Barney, "living proof that certain Americans can be as sophisticated and subtle as any European. New York: Syracuse University Press, Recounts Ford's association with Natalie Barney and her financial contributions to the Transatlantic Review , Natalie Barney is mentioned throughout The Cantos , Account of a Friday afternoon tea during which Paul Val6ry's "desertion" of old friends was discussed.

ERIC 31 Rogers, W. The "Ladies" are women who used their wealth to support the arts. Rogers devotes a chapter to Natalie Barney and makes reference to her throughout the book. Rose, Francis. London: Cassell, Rose met Natalie Barney through their mutual friend Gertrude Stein.

Rouveyre, Andr6. Rouveyre discusses the friendship between Remy de Gourmont and Natalie Barney. Chartres : Lain6, Rule, Jane. Lesbian Images. Sansot, Edouard.

the Henry James scholar's Guide to Web Sites * R. Hathaway *

Ren6e Vivien. Nice: Modern Schlumberger , Gustave. M6s Souvenirs , Vol. Secrest, Meryle.

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Being Bernard Berensonr A Biography. Information about the friendship between Berenson and Natalie Barney. ERLC u 33 Provides a great deal of information about the relationship between Brooks and Natalie Barney. Sieburth, Richard. Letters which chronicle the friendship between Pound and NCB. Traces the connection between Pound and Gourmont and Natalie Barney's influence on the two men. Skinner, Cornelia Otis. Elegant Wits and Grand Horizontal a. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, Devotes a chapter to Liane de Pougy, "undisputed star in the top trio of grand horizontals courtesans.

Stock, Noel. Eliot from his bank job by collecting financial contributions for him. Thomson, Virgil Virgil Thomson ,. New York: Knopf, Brief mention of Natalie Barney in this autobiography. The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook , New York: Harper, Natalie Barney contributed a vegetable dish, "Stuffed Eggplant with Sugar. Edited by Samuel M. Staying on Alone! Letters of Alice B. Toklas , Edited by Edward Burns.

There are numerous mentions of NCB in the letters. Val6ry, Paul. Paris: Galliraard, Van Vechten, Carl. Vivien, Ren6e. At the Sweet Hour of Hand in Hand. Translated by Sandia Belgrade. Weatherby Lake, Mo. The love of Ren6e Vivien for Natalie Barney is expressed' in her poems.

Excerpt from an interview with Vivien in New York: Arno Press, Poesies completes. Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, Weintraub, Stanley.

T. S. Eliot

Whistler: A Biography. Some information about tljeir association. Wickes, George. The Ajtnaz on of Lpthers! Th e Life and iJoves of Natalie Barney. New York: Putnam's Sons, Biography which includes interviews with Natalie! Barney's friends. A primary source of information about NCB.

Disputes facts presented in Orenstein article and Orenstein replies. Also, interview with Janet Planner. Williams, William Carlos. New York: Random House, Recounts his visit to Natalie Barney's home: " NCB was extremely gracious and no fool to be sure, far less so than Ezra Pound under the circumstances. She could tell a clam from a pickle any day.

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Barnea, Djuna. Ladlfts A ltnanack. Written and illustrated by a Lady of Fashion. Paris: n.

Henry James

Satirical account of the adventures of Evangeline Musset Natalie Barney and her friends. Les Couples Involontaires Accidental Couples. Paris: Flammarion, Natalie Barney is fictionalized in a novel written by one of her biographers.