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With Laura J. Memphis "M" Engel is stubborn to a fault, graced with an almost absurd knowledge of long lost languages and cultures, and a heck of an opponent in a fight.

Roswell High

In short: she's awesome. He desperately wants the ancient map M inherited from her archeologist father, believing it will lead him to a relic with the power to destroy the world.

M obviously can't trust him. Equally desperate to find the relic for reasons of her own, M forms an uneasy partnership with Ash. From the catacombs of Paris, to a sacred forest in Norway, to the ruins of a submerged temple in Egypt, together they crisscross the globe in their search.

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But through it all, M can never be sure: Is she traveling with a friend or enemy? A quickly captivating account of an outsider's new life inside a world of prestige, pleasure, and pain and her struggle to find acceptance and herself and to survive.

This story hooks you from page one and refuses to let go They will also enjoy fresh, spirited characters on a new journey all of their own Melinda Metz Laura J. Burns, Melinda Metz.


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