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The central question: How small can a cluster of platinum atoms be and still have a highly active catalytic effect? Particles measuring about one nanometer and containing approximately 40 platinum atoms are ideal. Interdisciplinary collaboration at the Catalysis Research Center CRC was an important factor in the research team's results. Combining theoretical capabilities in modelling, joint discussions and physical and chemical knowledge gained from experiments ultimately resulted in a model showing how catalysts can be designed with the ideal form, size and size distribution of the components involved.

In addition, the CRC also has the expertise needed to create and experimentally test the calculated platinum nano-catalysts. The experiment exactly confirmed the theoretical predictions. In addition to spherical nanoparticles, the researchers hope for even higher catalytic activity from significantly more complex shapes. And the computer models established in the partnership are ideal for this kind of modelling.

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This will make computational and experimental studies more and more important in the future. Roland A. Aliaksandr S. Bandarenka, Alessio Gagliardi and Roland A. Drugs for better long-term treatment of poorly controlled asthma discovered Epilepsy: Seizures not forecastable as expected An international team of scientists, including three researchers from New Jersey Institute of Technology NJIT , has shed new light on one of the central mysteries of solar physics: how energy from the Sun is transferred to the star's upper atmosphere, heating it to 1 million degrees Fahrenheit and higher in some regions, temperatures that are vastly hotter than the Sun's surface.

Carbon nanotubes CNTs are valuable for a wide variety of applications. Made of graphene sheets rolled into tubes 10, times smaller than a human hair, CNTs have an exceptional strength-to-mass ratio and excellent thermal and electrical properties. These features make them ideal for a range of applications, including supercapacitors, interconnects, adhesives, particle trapping and structural color. New research reveals even more potential for CNTs: as a coating, they can both repel and hold water in place, a useful property for applications like printing, If you've ever tried to put several really strong, small cube magnets right next to each other on a magnetic board, you'll know that you just can't do it.

What happens is that the magnets always arrange themselves in a column sticking out vertically from the magnetic board.

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Moreover, it's almost impossible to join several rows of these magnets together to form a flat surface. That's because magnets are dipolar. Equal poles repel each other, with the north pole of one magnet always attaching itself to the south pole of another and vice versa. This explains why they form a column with all the magnets aligned the same way. Now, scientists at ETH Zurich have managed to create magnetic building blocks in the shape of cubes that - for the first time ever - can be joined together to Quantum-based communication and computation technologies promise unprecedented applications, such as unconditionally secure communications, ultra-precise Sensors and sensing for environmental exploration, including novel information extraction approaches constitute a key challenge with attractive and challenging career opportunities.

At RWTH Business School you can experience education made in Germany and sample the best of technology management and state-of-the-art engineering knowledge. At the Barenboim-Said Akademie, students intensively prepare for careers in classical music, developing and refining their musical skills while building a foundational knowledge in the humanities. The Master of Science in Manufacturing Technology MMT focuses on the analysis of advanced manufacturing problems with a strong emphasis on the combination of scientific theoretical courses and experimental industrial setups. Moreover, you can experience the intercultural exchange with your classmates from all over the world.

FUBiS sessions run for 3 to 6 weeks taking place both in summer and winter. Students can choose between subject classes mostly taught in English and German language courses.

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  5. Field trips within Berlin are an integral part of every course. Hands-on learning, innovative case studies and company visits make our programmes competitive and career-building.


    You want to speak big data and project management alike? Navigation Service navigation Deutsch English. Finding Scholarships I am from Egypt Sudan. I am from Germany. Destination country Egypt Sudan. DAAD funding programmes only.


    Refine your selection. Finding Scholarship. September Do you have a master's degree and max. DAAD Egypt August Lebensjahr noch nicht vollendet sein. August elektronisch der Deutschen Botschaft in Kairo info kairo. Want to do your research in artificial intelligence or become an entrepreneur with your research topic?

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    Dates of the tour: Juni , wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier: www. Based on several requests, the deadline to registr for the German Science Day has been extended! Check out the video below to know more about what the German Science Day looks like. DAADCairo May April Reminder: Call for Papers: Bewerbungsfrist bis zum March Do you want to continue helping girls and women fulfill their right to education? Then this is your chance to showcase your project and win USD 50, to further your work!

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    Flight shame: Climate-conscious migrants face environmental dilemma November As activists such as Greta Thunberg boycott flying and airlines come under fire for carbon emissions, diaspora communities grapple with the choice between stepping on a plane and cutting physical family ties. Dental phobia - The expert's view In Good Shape talks to dentist Stephan Ziegler about oral hygiene, the causes of dental phobia and how it can be managed.

    STIs on the rise in Germany, but testing still hard to come by Sexually transmitted infections STIs are making a comeback across the country after years of low rates. But unlike in many other countries, most people face obstacles if they want to be tested without showing symptoms. Security Check: Biometrics vs Passwords Traditional passwords are easy to crack because people rarely adhere to password security measures. The security of biometric methods depends on the quality of the sensors and the manner in which the data is saved. Walking on two legs - 12 million years ago Researchers at a German university say they've found fossils that challenge how we think about human evolution.

    The bones found in southern Germany come from a primate that they believe walked upright millions of years earlier than previously thought possible. Differences in personality: What psychiatrists can learn from mice to treat depression Scientists have developed a new way for measuring the personalities of animals. So why should we humans care? Because understanding personality traits is key for more individualized therapies in psychiatry.

    Germany: Health apps to be available on prescription Patients in Germany will be prescribed health apps starting in , the German parliament announced on Thursday.