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Her rise from unknown actress to Hollywood legend is one marked by dazzling performances and a carefully concealed, yet undeniably ruthless, determination to succeed. Katherine irrevocably changes the lives of her closest friends: the two men who love her, the woman who trusts her implicitly.

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She never looks back until she needs the one thing they alone can give her — forgiveness. As she did so masterfully in her magnificent trilogy of A Woman of Substance , Hold the Dream and To Be the Best , Barbara Taylor Bradford draws us into a world of a strong and powerful woman who made her choices… then was left to live with them.

A captivating workfilled with glamour, intrigue and ironic reversal… Richly textured, highly entertaining. Description Videos Reviews The story of two brilliant women and the men to whom they ransomed their hearts.

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Daily Express: It really keeps you turning the pages, wondering just why it is that two beautiful and successful women who were once great friends are now sworn enemies. Sam Kass , acclaimed former White House chef and senior policy advisor for nutrition, inspired the luncheon menu and discusses food sustainability.

Voice of the Heart

The day concludes with a soulful performance by The War and Treaty. These CEOs have joined the American Heart Association in its mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.


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For more information and the full membership, visit heart. The American Heart Association is a leading force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

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