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I told them that I admired them for zealously proclaiming their beliefs to anyone who would listen and that I wished more people at my church were like that. They were appreciative of the comment. You believe God created Jesus. I believe that he is God. So I would like to discuss this issue with you. We do our best. This will encourage open-mindedness on their part as well.

Our conversation went well. I listened with great interest and patience as they presented their case. Their Bible texts were virtually a mirror reflection of those presented in Chapter 8. I began my case for the deity of Christ. They had no answers at all to a few of the texts. The others elicited the anticipated responses discussed in the previous chapter.

I answered them as well. Would you mind if I sat in and listened?

What Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe? Answers Christians Need to Know

He listened attentively for a good forty-five minutes, injecting a comment here and there. Approximately fifteen minutes after he had joined us, I noticed two others trying their best to listen in without appearing obvious. One was an employee on break. Thanks for allowing me to sit in.

I learned a lot!

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Then he walked away. Shortly after, our first stranger thanked us and left. On the other hand, I have provided several texts that strongly indicate Jesus is God. You have been unable to provide a plausible alternative explanation for these texts. I hope you appreciate mine as well.

The apostle Paul and Nicodemus were very sincere about their Jewish beliefs. Think through this on your own. If you come to see the Scriptures teach that Jesus is part of the Godhead, it will cost you as well because your Kingdom Hall will not tolerate it. I pray you will have the courage of Paul and Nicodemus and make that change. Your knowledge may overwhelm some JWs, because some of the information you now have is technical. I once had a JW tell me that there was no way for her to get into the languages as I could, so she could never know if what I said was correct. She also said that God is not the author of confusion and that we should be able to read our English translations and understand his Word.

These are valid points. Maybe some readers are feeling as she did. You may not desire to invest the time to learn Greek and Hebrew. However, you do have the same sources available to you for word studies that scholars use. Although your local library probably will not carry these books on their shelves, you can obtain them by using inter-library loan.

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Your local library will borrow the book s from another library. You may have to pay a small fee for the service.

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If there is a seminary or Bible college nearby, you will probably be able to locate them there. Your local bookstore will also be happy to sell them to you. They are a worthwhile investment if you enjoy in-depth Bible study. This is the most exhaustive source available. They will list the Greek word and then every verse where it appears.

Study the word. First look up the definition in one of the references listed above to see how it is used throughout the ancient world. Study the verse. Now that you know the meaning s of the word, what is the verse saying?

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Study the chapter. Now that you have a good idea of what the verse is saying, how does it fit in the overall chapter or context? Sometimes a verse may have a few different possible meanings.

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Many times the context will allow you to determine its correct meaning. Study the Bible.

The Jehovah's Witnesses' new tactic

In times like this, look to see if the same author touches on the subject in other parts of his writings. In light of these teachings, an interpretation of Revelation saying God created Jesus is unwarranted. I agree. God is not the author of confusion, man and Satan are. What do you do when confusion exists between opposing views? It may be helpful to bring them back to your least technical points such as Watchtower misinterpretations of certain verses outlined in Chapter 8. Put yourself in their place. What would you be thinking if someone showed you something that seriously challenged your beliefs?

Invite them to go home and look at the issue with an open mind and come back next week to discuss it again.

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  4. Finally, remember that your only responsibility is to plant the seed. It is the Holy Spirit who works the change 1 Corinthians That is the role, which God has given every Christian 2 Timothy ; 1 Peter The person who does not care about the truth will not change. The person who does care about it will think about what you have to say and engage in further study. But ultimately it is the Holy Spirit who brings a person to the truth. Once reinstated, the member can earn back certain privileges, like offering public prayer or commenting at meetings.

    The elders alone have the authority to reinstate a member. So, what about shunning? I said before that publicly JWs reject the accusation that they shun anyone, but after looking more deeply, I found this article on their Website. Which begs the question… If there is no shunning, why is it important for them to tell us that courts support their First Amendment rights to do so?

    nhp-saratov.ru/includes/map6.php Of course, encourage your children to start with respect and love for their JW friends. That said, tell your kids they can ask away! Most JWs will answer questions because they believe they have the truth, and they want to share it. This is probably why ,s of hours each year are spent by JWs evangelizing in neighborhoods—that, and because they are required to by their church they even have to keep time logs. Bottom line, remember that the JWs who might come to your door are likely there with good intentions, and they should be treated with graciousness.

    Before opening the door, say a quick prayer so that you are prepared spiritually for the interaction. It could be fruitful for a good dialogue to ask them about their beliefs regarding Jesus and the atonement.